What does SmartEdit do?

SmartEdit runs over 25 checks on your document and highlights potential problems, including:

  • Repeated words and phrases
  • Over-use of adverbs and clichés
  • Misused words such as breathe instead of breath
  • Long and winding sentences
  • Use of crutch words
  • Unusual dialogue tags that shouldn’t be there
  • Misnamed proper nouns that slipped past you
  • Excessive use of semi-colons and exclamation marks

What does SmartEdit NOT do?

  • It does not tell you to remove or replace a word
  • It does not make any automated changes for you
  • It does not make suggestions
  • It does not tell you whether your work might be good, bad, or somewhere in between

You’re the creative writer; it’s your novel. SmartEdit is a tool that’s there to help you as you edit. A glorified spell-checker. Nothing more.

Are you a published author? Are you planning to become a published author? Have you finished or are you close to finishing a first draft of a novel or short story? If you answered yes to any of these questions, SmartEdit is for you.

My creative process is greatly enhanced by the use of SmartEdit. The software does the routine editing and checking and lets me do what I do best, which is write.

If you haven’t tried Smartedit, you need to. This is hands down one of the best things to use to get your manuscript out of the editing phase.

SmartEdit takes the grunt out of the grunt work of copyediting by helping you track down overused and misused words and phrases.

SmartEdit is one of the first and last steps I use for self-editing before submitting to my publisher. SmartEdit is a tool in my belt to turn out a quality product.

The amount of time that SmartEdit can save is quite remarkable. SmartEdit allows me to worry less about my writing up front and focus more on getting the words down.

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